Top 3 Creams that Lighten Skin Fast Naturally


Avoid wasting time & money. Discover which skin lightening cream also known as bleaching cream really gives smooth fairer skin tone that lasts.

Skin whitening results

The market is full of creams and lotions each claiming to whiten complexion of the skin fast. But finding the most effective formulation can be confusing. At, we purchased and tested over 30+ top selling products to decide which works best and is the right option.

The preparations we researched consisted of popular skin whitening creams, lotions, pills, kits, over the counter soaps and alternative home remedies. The result is a comprehensive detailed review of the 3 top performing options.

If you’re looking to lighten your dark skin — these top 3 products can give you the best results available anywhere.

Epibright Skin Bleaching CreamEpibright

Among the 30+ products we researched, it was obvious that Epibright deserved to be rated No.1 based on user results. Manufactured and marketed by Sisquoic Healthcare, Inc. Epibright is a new improved skin brightening cream comprising of synthetic and natural ingredients proven for their powerful skin whitening affects.

Upon application, the potent formulation of Epibright gently lightens skin tone, fades dark skin spots and skin irregularities like freckles. Users experienced effective lighting of blemishes and discolorations for a brighter skin tone.

Due to synergistic affect of synthetic and herbal ingredients results come faster and last long. Epibright is equally effective for men and women of all ages and ethnicities (Black, Asian etc). Further it doesn’t have any side effects that come with chemical based skin whitening lotions, soaps and pills.

We found user satisfaction rate for Epibright to be highest among all products we tested. Past users have reported it to be superior to any other skin lighter available at the moment.

Main Benefits:

  • Works for darkest of skin color
  • Clinically proven Ingredients
  • Long lasting results
  • Works on all areas of the body: face, neck, thighs, arms, underarms and legs
  • Effective for male and female users of all ages
  • Makes the skin smooth and supple
  • Side effect free

skin lighteningBefore and After Pictures

Bottom line:

Case studies show that this product works well for all types of dark/black skin and skin darkened by exposure to sun, hot climate etc. Our own testing shows that continuous usage of Epibright for underarms and face whitening for more than 3 months produces significant long lasting results in all skin tones.

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Revitol Skin Whitening Cream

Revitol comes at No. 2 in our rankings. Revitol skin lightening cream consists of herbal ingredients which slowly work to reduce the color of age spots, freckles, uneven skin pigments as well as birth marks. As like other skin whiteners, Revitol also has natural moisturizers and vitamins to aid build up of flawless fair skin.

Revitol also contains antioxidants that protect the skin from direct sunlight exposure and from environmental factors that result in darkening of exposed skin.

We found this option to be safe to use because it uses pure organic ingredients and does not contain any chemicals, unhealthy preservatives or artificial coloring. Also we did not found any reports of side effects.

Main Benefits:

  • Clinically proven to work
  • Fully Natural
  • Protects from sunlight exposure
  • Pleasant smell
  • Effective for men and women
  • No sticky-greasy residue
  • Side effect free

skin brighteningBottom line:

Results with Revitol are impressive. If there is one skin bleaching cream in the market that comes close to the effectiveness of Epibright, than it is Revitol. The company claims that Revitol has helped thousands of people experience impressive results naturally. After thorough investigation of consumer feedback we find this claim to be absolutely legitimate.

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Dermology Skin Brightening CreamDermology

Dermology is yet another popular skin lightener which we found to help lighten skin color. Dermology is an all natural non greasy cream which works by reducing melanin. In the process, it whitens skin by many shades on continuous application.
As per our research the seven potent herbs used in Dermology formula that help to whiten skin tone are in the US FDA’s GRAS list – Generally Recognized as Safe. This product comes in as a close third in our ratings. One of the major reason for this rating is that we found Dermology to be more effective for women than men.

Main Benefits:

  • All natural
  • Pleasant smell
  • Effective for women of all ages
  • No sticky-greasy residue
  • No Side effects

skin whitening cream Bottom Line:

Dermology cream is result oriented product and is one of the better ways to brighten skin naturally for women. The results start to appear slower in comparison to Epibright and Revitol.

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How fast should you expect results?

While the potential for fast results vary from one individual to another due to various factors. After viewing large number of before and after pictures, our data indicates that users of above mentioned cream formulas start to notice lighter skin within 2 weeks from the start of the program and can achieve maximum results in 6 months.

Be Aware of the Ingredients of the Skin Lightening Product You Choose

Hydroquinone for body and face whitening

A primary ingredient in many skin lightening products, hydroquinone comes in concentrations of 2 to 4 percent and may be combined with a form of vitamin A called tretinoin. Hydroquinone has antioxidant properties that may protect skin from environmental pollutants and prevent melasma caused by the sun or hormones. It is also very effective at inhibiting the production of melanin, which leads to lighter skin.

However, hydroquinone has been shown to cause leukemia in animals in lab tests. For this reason, it has been banned by several countries including France. The European Union has also banned this ingredient from use in 2001.


Extracted from the leaves from several different types of plants – such as bearberry, blueberry, and mulberry – and pears, Arbutin is touted as a safe alternative to other skin lightening ingredients like hydroquinone. Studies conducted on this substance have found it to be very effective at lightening skin. It comes in two forms: alpha and beta. Epibright uses the alpha form of Arbutin because it is much more stable and more effective than the beta form at helping customers achieve the results they want.

Kojic acid

Another active ingredient in Epibright whitening cream, Kojic acid is derived from a Japanese rice wine called sake. Research into the efficacy of this substance has found it is very effective at reducing or eliminating the production of melanin in the skin. However, they found that it must be handled very carefully because it can lose its effectiveness when exposed to air. Some manufacturers use a Kojic acid alternative called Kojic dipalmitate. While an outstanding antioxidant, it didn’t perform as well as Kojic acid. Users must take care when using products with Kojic acid as it can cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to the substance. It’s best to test on a small patch of skin before using in a more obvious place.


Frequently found in thermometers, mercury is a metallic compound that is very dangerous to human health. Ingestion of the metal can cause neurological and physiological problems such as kidney damage and pregnant women can do severe harm to their unborn babies if they use products containing mercury. Some skin lighteners use mercury as a bleaching agent, use of which can lead to mercury poisoning.

According to a survey conducted by the British Skin Foundation, approximately 80 percent of dermatologists questioned felt mercury use was only safe if the patient was under a doctor’s care. Although banned in the United States, some countries still use this chemical compound in their beauty products. It’s important to conduct thorough research on the beauty products you use to ensure they don’t contain harmful ingredients.

Laser Treatments

There are two forms of lasers:

  1. Ablative
  2. Nonablative

Both have clinically shown to give significant results. But results are not the same for all individuals. Further there is an ever increasing number of people experiencing side effects like scars, hypopigmentaton, hyperpigmentation etc. People with darker complexion are more at risk of such issues.


Another alternative skin lightening procedure is cryosurgery which uses liquid nitrogen. This is a procedure in which skin cells are destroyed under controlled settings. This induces new skin regeneration, any excess melanin comes to the surface and peels off after few days. This method is more suitable to sensitive genital areas like penis, scrotum. Success in getting the desired skin color depends entirely on the depth of pigment.

How we rated different products?

When investigating various systems, there are certain points that we considered in our research study. Few of these include:

  1. Effectiveness:  Do crèmes really stand up to the claims made by companies that manufacture them?
  2. Side Effects: Are there any form of untold side effects mild or severe?
  3. Cost:  Is the cost of the product justifiable with the results it delivers.
  4. Past user experience: Success rate of past users is the strongest indication we take into consideration.

There is no precise way to know about the top option than directly inquiring from people who have had used various skin bleaching remedies.


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