Almond for Skin Whitening

Some of the best home remedies for skin whitening involve almonds. Whether you’re making almond milk or mashing them into an almond paste, it’s a pretty common ingredient.

But how can you use almonds to whiten your skin? And do almonds provide any other health benefits? You’re about to find out.

Homemade Whitening Recipes with Almonds

Below are a few of the most common homemade recipes to make with almonds:

  1. Soak several (4 or 5) almonds overnight in water. In the morning, grind them into a paste. That night, apply the paste to your face and leave it overnight. After 2 or 3 weeks, you will notice very clear results.
  2. Soak almonds overnight in water. The next day, grind the almonds into a fine powder, and mix in some milk. Raw milk works best, but pasteurized milk works okay. Apply the mask to your face with your fingers.  Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse off.
  3. Combine a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey, and some milk powder together to make a paste. Then add a half tablespoon of almond oil. The almond oil helps hold the mixture together, as well as provide whitening properties to the face mask. Apply it to your face, let it dry, and rinse off with warm water.

There are several other recipes out there that include almond oil, but they are basically the same as above.

What Other Health Benefits do Almonds Offer?

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts you can eat. Some experts even call them “super foods” because they contain many health benefits but very few drawbacks.

One major benefit of almonds is that they may reduce your risk of heart attacks. The Loma Linda School of Public Health claims that eating them 5 days a week may reduce your risk of heart attack by 50%. They also help protect your artery walls from becoming damaged and help lower cholesterol.

Almonds are a great source of phosphorus, which builds strong bones and teeth. Because so many people develop osteoporosis these days, this is a crucial benefit to most of us.

Healthy fats are necessary to be healthy- and almonds provide them. These aren’t saturated fats, like those found in animal products. According to one article on almonds, people who ate nuts at least twice a week were 31% less likely to gain weight than people who never ate nuts.

Almonds also alkalize the body, heal your nervous system, and help your brain function healthily.

Note that these benefits do not come from using almonds or almond oil in your face mask. However, you can always use almonds on both the outside (face masks) and inside (through consumption) to heal your body multiple ways.

Raw Almonds vs. Cooked

Generally, we recommend using raw, organic almonds for your face masks. Raw almonds have more enzymes, are in their natural state, and provide more benefits to the body overall.

Cooked almonds can work, but you must be sure to get them without anything added. No salt, spices, or flavors should be on the almonds that you use for your face mask. You don’t want your face smelling from using smoked almonds, right?!

Are Almonds Found in Skin Lightening Products?

Usually they are not. Even though almonds are beneficial to the body, they are not the post powerful natural method of skin bleaching. And being expensive they don’t give you maximum benefit that can be achieved for the same price.

Even though some lotions and pills may contain almond oil, you usually have to either purchase the oil or create your own almond face mask.

Note that there are some almond oil soaps, but these are generally not used for skin lightening. Instead, they’re just for cleaning your skin.

Can Almonds Help People of All Ages and Ethnicities?

A great thing about almonds is that since they’re natural, they can be used by people of all ages or ethnic groups. Whether you’re young or old, have black skin or brown, almonds are perfectly safe to use for skin lightening.

Most Effective Skin Whitening Cream

Even though most of the above tips are about almonds- we have to be clear on something. While useful, almonds are not the best way to whiten your skin.

Instead, we always recommend a product called Epibright. It’s a cream that uses natural ingredients to whiten the skin quickly and safely. Our customers always rave about it, and it has proven itself time and again to work well.

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